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Who is Clara Mazzeo?

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Clara Mazzeo was born in Santos/SP and currently lives in Rio de Janeiro/RJ. She has been a contemporary self-taught Visual Artist for five years, creating paintings with acrylic, a more recent pictorial technique. 
Clara Mazzeo's artistic journey began in her childhood, as she was fascinated by handicrafts and drawing classes. As her early passion for the arts has developed over time, she had the opportunity to improve her knowledge and skills in the Drawing and Oil Painting Course at Atelier Fajardo & Calgam Artes, Conservação e Restauro (2018 to 2020). 

The development and definition of her artistic style are the natural steps in the journey of any Artist. Shifting from oil to acrylic paintings reflects Clara’s flexibility and willingness to experiment with different techniques and artistic sources. The choice of acrylic painting enabled a more outstanding work production, allowing her to explore and improve her central theme, nature. 

Her loose style, inspired by Fauvism, with vibrant and harmonic colours, reveals a unique and lively artistic approach. Clara incorporates movement and expressiveness into her paintings using short, irregular brushstrokes characteristic of post-Impressionism. Van Gogh's influence on her artwork, including impasto and textures, enhances her creations' tactile and sensorial expression! The eclectic and stylised combination highlights the individuality of her artistic expression. 

Throughout her artistic journey, Clara Mazzeo has managed to define her artistic identity and create a different style that reflects her passion for Nature and her desire to express herself uniquely. Her dedication to continuously improving her skills and techniques has been reflected in her artwork. 
Her inspiring story proves that Art can be a rewarding self-expression and can contribute to a personal evolution path. 

Artistic Curriculum

:: 50th Salon of Fine Arts of the Clube Naval| 2019 | Rio de Janeiro

:: Art Life Art | Virtual Expo - Ava Galleria | 2020

:: Raphael Art Gallery Virtual – Collective Exhibition “Art is life” | September 2020 | Edmundo Cavalcanti

:: Collective Exhibition House, Style & Art | 2021 - Thaysa Carreiro Cultural Production | Rio de Janeiro

:: Virtual Arts & Artist | 2021 | Our Art Gallery

:: 3rd Virtual 3D Collective Expo | 2021 | Affresco Gallery - Piano Room

:: 5th Virtual 3D Collective Expo | 2021 | Affresco Gallery - Piano Room

:: Revivings in Anarchic World | 2021 | MBLOIS Art Gallery | Rio de Janeiro

:: Individual Virtual Expo Nature: Place of the Soul | 2021 | Our Art Gallery

:: Face-to-face and Virtual Expo Reunion for a Better World | 2021 | MBLOIS

Art Gallery | Rio de Janeiro

:: The sacred in our lives – Onsite Exhibition | MBLOIS Art Gallery | 2021 | Rio de Janeiro

:: 1st BBArt Fair – Espaço BB | April 18th - 30th / 2022 | Rio de Janeiro

:: 28th Sea Hall of Clube Naval | 2022 | Rio de Janeiro

:: Collective Exhibition CRYPTOART | Uptime Art Gallery | July 22 -
22/Sep/2022 | São Paulo

:: 2nd BBArt Fair | BB Space | 2022 | Sep 27th to Oct 11th | Rio de Janeiro

:: Virtual Salon of Contemporary Art | Uptime Art Gallery | 2nd edition | Oct - Dec 2022

:: Exhibition “Expression” | Post Office Cultural Center | May 18 - June 23, 2023

:: 1st Salon of Visual Arts – Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts and Clube Naval Piraquê |  Rio de Janeiro | July 1 to 15, 2023

:: In-Person International Exhibition "Nuevos Tiempos" – Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 14-24, 2023

:: Exhibition "Point of View" | Paulo Branquinho's House | Rio de Janeiro | March 16 to April 06, 2024

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Art & Style Magazine

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